Southern Polyamory Gathering is a weekend immersive camping event designed to help it’s participants explore the themes of relationships.  Important concepts like communication, intimacy, and jealousy will be explored along with those that are more focused on ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, and polyamory.  In depth topics dealing with special relationship types such as power exchange based dynamics, as well as the origins of relationships will be covered in classes and workshops.  Also, there will be a focus of legally planning for the future of your relationships, as well as a facilitated discussion on poly families that have children

SPG is an adult only, clothing optional event held on beautiful private property just north of Tampa, FL.

Focused on families of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy workshops, activities, and entertainment presented by members of the Poly community.

Green is Good
Held at All World Acres the venue allows you to enjoy beautiful, tranquil, natural surroundings to learn, celebrate, and network with others who live a polyamorous life.